About Us

Who is LÉ REED? 

LÉ REED is Australia’s leading online beauty retailer, and an official stockist of leading beauty brands.


What do we do? 

We’re a beauty democracy, not a beauty autocracy - in other words, we put YOU in control of which brands you decide to buy, rather than making the decisions for you. We give you fast, easy access to our massive range of products from premium to everyday. 

We let you decide what’s best for you. Sure, we love to help - we’re passionate about beauty and we’re friends with experts who can help in lots of ways.  But we won’t give you the hard sell. In fact, just the opposite - we’ll give you honest, uncensored perspectives on everything we sell so you can choose what’s right for you.  

We have a service team of beauty junkies ready to help you out with help on live chat (or email, phone, or social media); we’ll give you plenty of opportunities to try before you buy with samples and minis; and we’re constantly improving our website with handy little tools like our foundation shade matcher (which you’ll find near the swatches when you shop a foundation).

And we’ll treat you like a normal person - and talk to you about the things around beauty that normal people talk about, not supermodels. Like nose hair. And back acne. 

Think of us like your straight up beauty BFF. Except with a killer website.


Why do we do it? 

You know what the irony is about most beauty brands?

They’re there to make you feel good. To make you bounce out the door in the morning because you feel so damn fabulous. 

But most of them just make you feel rubbish. They judge you, talk down to you, hold you to some false, unattainable ideal of womanly perfection. They make you feel like they know you and what you need to feel good, and how much you need to pay for it, better than you do. 

That’s BS. And at LÉ REED, we think you deserve beauty without all of that.

Beauty is about confidence. We think you all deserve to feel confident in yourselves. We also think you’re smart, and you don’t need to be bossed around by a pushy sales assistant. Nor should you have to ask for permission to buy a product that’s locked away behind a counter. We want you to feel confident every day; and we want to give you the empowering beauty shopping experience that you deserve.